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Howdy! My name is Dauren Asrymbetov and I am a first-generation Kazakh immigrant living my American dream in great state of Texas. My journey to success in the United States has been one of a long hard work, perseverance, and a passion for helping others. I navigate and embrace all cultures, languages, and way of life and despite the obstacles remain focused on my dreams and aspirations.

I arrived at JFK in 2006 with only $300 in my left pocket in pursuit of better education and began my career as an assistant to a financial advisor at Ameriprise Financials in 2011, one of the largest financial organizations in the US. After many years of leveling up from one opportunity to another better opportunity I took over retiring Horace Mann agent John Ryan's office in 2020 as an agent/agency operator, specializing in providing auto, home and life insurance coverages. My passion for helping educators stems from my own experience with special needs education system which allowed me to better understand the world and enabled me to unlocked the doors of success in every step in my career.

My goals is to be trusted advisor and advocate for all public school employees in Pflugerville ISD and for all educators not only in state of Texas but globally. I thrive to be known for my personalized approach, taking my time to understand each and every one's unique needs and provide best possible solutions.

Beyond my work as a licensed insurance agent, I like to garden, take photos of nature and be involved in my community. I am always open to volunteering at local schools, speak at school events sharing my story of perseverance and inspire kids and adults to pursue their dreams.

Thanks to all my friends, clients and especially my wife Stephanie's unconditional love and support in my journey today, I live my best life as a father to the most wonderful son and 2 adorable dogs (Jasper and Princess), proud of my heritage and grateful to be so blessed. I want my passion for helping others and dedication to serve my community and be an inspiration to all whom I know. I truly believe that with a right attitude, hard work, dedication, and a passion for helping others, anything is possible.

Please share your story, I would love to learn about you, send me a quick email about you to dauren.asrymbetov@horacemann.com subject line: about me